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Following up on these famous questions, I design and research experiences, interactions and user interfaces while taking on a human-centred perspective.

Selected Projects

Axel Hoesl, Partrick Mörwald, Philipp Burgdorf, Elisabeth Dreßler, Andreas Butz

We developed a prototyping platform in cooperation between experts in camera operation, mechanical engineering and computer science. It consists of a motion control system for sliding camera moves composed of affordable hardware and open source software. It supports connecting various types of user interfaces via Bluetooth wirelessly. This setup fosters the exploration of different user interfaces and control strategies in-the-wild, as it is easy to transport and stable for use in the field. A prototype of our platform was used by professional filmmakers in real commercial assignments.

In Proceedings of The 16th IFIP TC.13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT ’17), Mumbai, India

Mohamed Khamis, Axel Hoesl, Alexander Klimczak, Martin Reiss, Florian Alt, Andreas Bulling

While gaze holds a lot of promise for hands-free interaction with public displays, remote eye trackers with their confined tracking box restrict users to a single stationary position in front of the display. We present EyeScout, an active eye tracking system that combines an eye tracker mounted on a rail system with a computational method to automatically detect and align the tracker with the user’s lateral movement. EyeScout addresses key limitations of current gaze-enabled large public displays by offering two novel gaze-interaction modes for a single user.

In Proceedings of the 30th ACM International User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST ’17), Quebec City, Canada


Axis- plus Content-based Control for Camera Drones: Design and Evaluation of UI Concepts


Refining touch-to-track Interaction for Camera Motion Control on Mobile Devices

Paper TrackLine

Progressive Reduction

On the Effects of Progressive Reduction as Adaptation Strategy for a Camera-based Cinematic UI

Authorship and Agency

Sense of Authorship and Agency in Computational Creativity Support

Towards an Evaluation Framework

Implicit Evaluation of Sense of Agency in a Creative Continuous Control Task

Poster CHI '17

TrackLine (Poster)

Refining touch-to-track Interaction for Camera Motion Control on Mobile Devices

Poster CVMP '16

Human-Drone Interaction

A Case Study to Investigate the Relation between Autonomy and User Experience

Delegation Impossible?

Towards Novel User Interfaces for Camera Motion

Poster CHI '15

Catastrophe Management on Curve

Designing for Expert Users: On a Large Non-standard Display

Poster ITS '13



Teaching Assistance

Design Workshop

Design and development of mobile applications together with lecturing practitioners and Art and Multimedia students

Advanced Topics in HCI

A lecture format where PhD candidates can report on their research interests and practice for a full session

Human-Computer Interaction

An introductory lecture to the field of human-computer interaction with accompanying exercises

Media Design Course

A practical course where students work on real-life design challenges and material provided by an industrial partner

Digital Photography Group

Supervision of a photography special interest group where students teach each other in hands-on sessions


An intense course that teaches the basics of media production theoretically and practically requiring the students to create own productions

Media Informatics Seminar

Supervision of individual students conducting a literature survey on HCI topics and writing up the findings in paper

Learning in Computer Science

An introduction to human-computer interaction and rapid prototyping techniques for master students in psychology


Supervision of the hardware, fabrication (3D printing, laser cutting) and electronics (microcontrollers) workshop


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