I turn


I studied Media Informatics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, and after graduating, I started working as a member of the research staff at the chair. In general, my work was concerned with research and teachings on human-computer interaction. Currently, I am writing up my doctoral thesis which also features some of my projects presented on this site.


In particular, this sites provides a detailed overview of my projects. In my research practice, I focus on applied aspects concerned with the needs of distinct user groups such as experts (catastrophe management, cinematic camera operators, digital image technicians, truck drivers), people with special needs (motor-disabilities, autism) or children. In summary, my work aims at mediating between people, design and technology. Exploring the problem and solution spaces associated with these areas, I often build prototypes that can take on the form of physical (soldering, 3D printing, tinkering with microcontrollers) or virtual implementations (mockups, video-prototypes, apps). To investigate the effects that various design alternatives can evoke, I apply empirical observations and measurements together with statistical analyses. From this process, I derive insights that I like to share with others at established international conferences.


Raised in the countryside and living in Munich for over a decade now, it comes to no great surprise that I have a thing for the outdoors. My favourite activities include hiking in the Alps and their foothills which might go along with the occasional swim in the local lakes or some rock climbing. I also like to go fishing and off-roading with my dad. Further, I try to minimise my deficits in foreign languages; in particular, I try to advance my Spanish at the moment. As I was lucky enough to get some basics from my mom and to share a flat with trained chef and graphic designer Felix Wetzel, I also give it a go at cooking.